Ankur Agarwal : AIR 65 (ME) GATE 2019 NIT RAIPUR Success story

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Hi friends, I want to share my success story with you all. I hope some of you may get motivated after reading my struggle. My All India Rank (AIR) in GATE 2019 Mechanical stream is 65. A little background about me, I did my from NIT Raipur 2014–18. I got admission in NIT Raipur after taking a drop of 1 year and I went KOTA for JEE MAINS.

I am from a small town in Chhattisgarh so education (11th, 12th) was not much competitive in nature so that should explain my drop. Now enough about my ancient history, let’s talk about GATE. I was in my 4th semester and I knew I wanted a GOVT. job (Cliched Indian) but anyway my aim was pretty clear to me.

Now at the starting of my 5th semester (July 16) after returning from vacations I joined a coaching in Raipur itself. I started sincerely reading the subjects which were going on in Coaching.

I did not study in my previous 4 semesters for knowledge and only few days before end semester exams so that I can maintain a decent pointer. So in coaching I kind of started from the beginning of every subject. Anyway this continued for like 5th and 6th semester. Life was mundane, only the dates were changing and days remain the same.

Only study and study and study. Now 7th semester started and campus placements knocked at the door of NIT Raipur. I belong to a lower middle class family and GATE exam is like gambling or a T-20 cricket match. If it’s not your day then no matter how much you have practiced or how much of a prodigy you are, it just wouldn’t matter.

So keeping this in mind, I sat for campus placements. I knew this was only a formality as I was very confident that I will crack GATE in my first attempt itself. So without wasting any precious time I appeared for IT companies in which Mechanical people were allowed.

There were two reason for taking this step —
i) As soon as I get placed, I can focus on my GATE studies and there will be comfort knowing that I have a backup to support my family.
ii) I chose IT company over Core companies although having 9.2 CGPA (yeah those last days studies for pointer worked quite well :D) because in IT companies there will be no physical work and so I will be able to save energy for studying for next year GATE.

I got placed in an IT company in OCTOBER 11 and that was a relief because I had four tension free months ahead of me for GATE 18. 7th semester exam ended and I went home for last two months before GATE and this is when all hell broke down on me.

In just 10 days I had a minor surgery of my leg, I was diagnosed with Kidney stones(3), I started suffering from Sciatica(kind of back pain) and last but not the least urine Infection (4 times in next 40 days). But even suffering from all these I couldn’t give up because so much hard work I have already poured in for this noble cause that backing off was just not an option. So I continued studying in pain.

Those were very very bad days for me. I didn’t have time for consulting doctors after travelling to any nearby city( as I live in a small town). I settled with temporary treatment. I started taking full length tests in January 2018.

I joined Made easy and Ace academy test series. So 25 tests for next 25 days.
I scored really well in tests and my rank was always under 100. Top 10 in 8 tests. That boosted my confidence and I tried to be focused. The D-day came and I got nervous in the exam, My urine problem kicked in during the exam and heavy back pain started during the examination.

I was feeling helpless like I was seeing my dreams slipping away from my hands and I couldn’t do anything. I knew every question I was solving I was doing some mistakes but so much was going on I just wanted it to be finished. When I came out of Examination hall, I knew exactly that I have made my next 1 year very very harder, probably my whole life but I gave my 200% what else a human can do than to try.

I went in depression, I felt like my world has ended. In the meanwhile I cleared BARC written exam. College ended I went home and I started preparing for BARC interview. I really did not feel like preparing for interview as I was still in mourning and the preparation was just nominal. When I came back from Interview (which obviously did not went well) I realized that’s it and there were 2 moths left for my joining (Camus Placed).

I went into preparation mode and in 2 months I completed 8 subjects out of 10. I joined the job and everyday I approximately got 4–5 hours of study beside sleeping(6 hours). It was a very hard time for me. I felt that I did not belong there in IT sector but I had my aim clear. It was like lose a war win a battle situation. I knew this job is only an income source nothing else.

I had this fire inside me to avenge my failure of previous year. Only thing I could think of is planning and plotting my studies and how to execute it. I knew what went wrong in my last year’s exam and so I took all three CBT’s ( 2 from made easy and 1 from ACE) so that I can work on my nervousness.

Finally I took GATE 2019 and this time the luck was in my favor and life finally decided to reward me with the gift I have deserved a year ago. As soon as I came out of exam hall, I felt it in my bones that I did it. This was my experience in very brief.

I cannot explain what Pain I have gone through to get this pleasure in stark sentences. Anyway the gist is if you have confidence in yourself then you must continue. Either with positive attitude or negative that doesn’t matter, only thing matters is that you continue the same everyday a little better smiling or crying your choice.

Thank you all for helping me get here.
Update : Ankur got Selected in ONGC || IOCL || EIL || RINL .

Ankur Agrawal

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