MNNIT ALLAHABAD first year student dies in road accident.

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A first year student of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad (MNNIT Allahabad) met with a road accident on late Sunday evening at Barsane village in Aligarh. Boy was seriously injured and family rushed him to Aligarh College for Treatment, where he died during Treatment. Police has done post-mortem of the dead body.

The boy deceased has been identified as Manish Solanki. Manish was aged 22 and was pursing his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) from MNNIT ALLAHABAD. He was a first year Civil Engineering student at MNNIT. Last year He topped the CBSE Inter examination from Union Public School Sasni.

He came to home in Holi but after the Corona virus, He could not leave for his College and even Colleges holidays extended initially till 23rd March and later on till 12th April.

The incident happened when He came out of the village late Sunday evening to get milk from his bike. As soon as he reached the Agra Aligarh highway, an unknown vehicle hit his bike and flew away.

After the accident, there was an influx of villagers on the spot. The family took the injured to Aligarh for treatment. There is chaos in the family on the death notice. There is silence in the complete village.

Admins request :
When the world is battling with Corona Virus which has been declared pendamic by WHO. We citizens should take a pledge to stay inside rooms as much we can and not come outside until there is any emergency. Moreover We should try to be safe.

Keep washing hand with Soap or hand-wash in regular interval for 20 seconds. People should follow the guidelines given by government either It be state or central govt. We being in isolation is the best option with us. If Manish would have followed the JANTA CURFEW and would have stayed inside room then He might have been safe.

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