Gurwinder Singh : AIR 66 ESE Civil Engineering NIT Jalandhar success story

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Name -Gurwinder Singh
Branch-Civil Engineering
College -Nit jalandhar (2014-2018)
Result -AIR-66 in UPSC (ESE-2019)

“If i have the belief that i can do it , i shall surely acquire the capacity to do it , even if i do not have it at the beginning “

From the starting of the college i was always good in study , got 8.08 CGPA, also in the list of top 10. During the college time i face difficulty only in one subject that is Computer programming where i scored 27 out of 90 thanks to that professors who had passed me .

From the 6th semester onwards i started preparing for GATE 2018 , joined Engineer Acedemy , learnt some subject from there and remaining from myself . In May i had suffered from Tuberculosis , it’s take me about 6-7 month to recover from that .

Till mid October 2017 i have completed 80-85% syllabus of GATE , But in Oct- Nov the worst phase of my college life had arrived , i was in depression due to some reason , not interested in talking to my close friends .It takes about 40 days to come out of it and tried to make improvemet in myself a lot. Thanks for giving me lesson that “friendships are not always equal from the opposite side as u expect “

I was getting good marks as well as rank in ace engineering acedemy .I Secured AIR-529 in GATE- 2018. The dream of selection in PSU is shattered due to a bad performance .

I have left with 3 option :

1- Join the L&T
2- admission in Top IIT for further study
3 – Preparation for ESE or GATE 2019
So after taking a tough decision i decided to prepare only for ESE-2019
as there is uncertainties in GATE.
From the start of preparation i always thought that
“My first attempt Should be my last attempt”

After the completion of B-Tech i got enrolled in Made Easy General studies batch . As the syallbus of G.S is limitless so i decided to study only class notes . Technical subject i prepared myself . In the month of oct i started giving Made Easy test series , scored only 33,37,42 in technical out of 150 during the First three test . I started working on my weakness after that i had scored above 50% in technical.

Reached earlier then the schedule time at the centre . In paper-1 i was not able to handle the pressure , attempts that i mads was also not good, so paper 1 was not well as expected and literally cried after the exam. Motivated myself for paper-2 & paper 2 went good as expected .
Secured AIR 627 in GATE 2019 , same story as GATE 2018 ..

As G.S paper was not went good so i Started to do serious preparation for Mains exam , join Made Easy Mains batch. I Scored 163, 157 marks during the first two test of made easy . I work hard and tried to find out the weakness and choosed never to give up . In all Mains test i was always under 100 Ranks and in all mocks test i was in top 20 .
On 23 June around 11:00 pm my right hand thumb was stucked in door . I am not able to write properly even a single line for few days but my inner strength and believe in god that made me to manage and write the Mains exam inspite of thumb injury .The Mains exam went good as expected but done silly mistake in some questions..

The schedule of interview had came ,My Roll no is at the top of the list that is on 09 September . The interview went goodbut got 104 Marks , chairperson may be expecting something else from me.

Result was announced on 25 oct at 7:12 pm , i was in the gym at that time .My friend text me AIR-66 But didn’t mention whose rank is these ( he is also appeared for interview ).My heart beat stopped for a moment , i downloaded the pdf , but i didn’t have guts to search my name and Roll no , so tried to scroll the list slowly and saw Gurwinder Singh AIR-66. I left the gym at that moment and call my papa who always supported me , and gave me all the freedom in life to do what i want to do .
Special thanks to
My family ❤
All Relatives ❤
Friends ❤
Teachers ❤
During Good times all friends are with me but during bad time there are few ones.

Special thanks to
Dipanshu Arora , Harvinder Singh who was always with me during my good as well as my bad time .
Finally i made it in the first attempt and i made my words true
” My first attempt Should be my last attempt “

Preliminary /stage 1
General studies( paper 1) -73.39
Civil Engg ( paper 2 ) -153.39

Mains / stage 2
Paper 1 -181
Paper 2-210
Written total -618

Interview -104
Final total -722

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