Abhishek Kumar Sharma : AIR 11 ESE (EE) MNNIT Allahabad Success Story

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Hello everyone, this is Abhishek Kumar Sharma from MNNIT ALLAHABAD (2K19 BATCH). I was recommended in UPSC ESE EXAM 2K19 IN EE branch and secured AIR 11. I also got AIR 103 in GATE 2019 EE. This is just to tell you all how blessed I am for all your support and trust. I thank everyone going through it for trusting me enough to read this.

Since I was attending my college, I didn’t take up any coaching per se and hence only referred to the standard books for my exam. So I am not qualified enough to comment on coaching centres and would rather give focus to self study. I started preparing for ESE 2K19 in my third year, because generally third year is the period when we get a clue of electrical subjects and have a basic knowledge about them. It’s chose this as it gave me two years- not less to have my syllabus incomplete and not much to make me feel relaxed.

Initially while preparing for ESE I just focussed on syllabus and tried to examine it from all possible angles. The syllabus is defined properly but you should learn the syllabus by heart, because that sets the boundaries of your preparation and helps you chalk out a preparation strategy that suits you and your knowledge of the subject.

I generally start and recommend to start from Networks and systems followed by signals and systems in EE because it gives a suitable base to understand why a ckt is working in that particular way in EMMI or Power Electronics. Your preparation can start from CONTROL as well. Actually it doesn’t matter if all subjects have been covered.

Often I have asked about how much I studied. Actually I will be as honest to you all as possible and believe me I didn’t put in more than 2 hours or 2 and a half because I had tutorials, assignments and lab files to copy from others and graphs and diagrams to make😵😵. But yeah I tried to put in two hours to my study and since the time period was two years, hence compared to coaching methodology, it converted to four hours a day of self study( coaching centres teach you for one year)

About test series, I didn’t join any test series for prelims because I had my semester exams then and hence I didn’t get time. Also in mains test series, I did join MADE EASY AND ACE, but I couldn’t complete them as we had final semester exams and I had to go for interviews for various psu. But I did follow the questions rigorously and any new question did make me take up my pen.

For interview again since I was working in QUALCOMM, it was not possible for me to join any coaching for interview guidance. But I did follow one or two mock interview on you tube and noted their methods of approach. My guidance to guys is that for interview, be as cool as possible. No need for pretending there. Be frank and it will help you. They want to see you and not your brand( coaching centre).

A lot of people had asked about distractions and idea of backing out. Actually always remember that UPSC also wants you to back out. It will decrease its load of work. So if you give a candy to UPSC, it’s you who have to pay for it and candy is ferroro rocher( may be my spelling is wrong, I have just seen it on shelves, never had the occasion to purchase it, if you know what I mean). So if you have selected it, go for it till the last rung of the ladder. After all you get commissioned. UPSC and relationships are same. They need time and effort but more than that they need your willingness to be in the relationship.

Your prelims would be on the Sunday following first week of JANUARY and your trial starts from that day. You enter the chakravyuh and start your battle and prelims is actually very important for your victory. If prelims is wasted and opportunity is wasted which can lead to serious consequences and hence always take the GS part with concern. They are not to be left out.

So go for prelims to maximize your score and reduce the pressure on MAINS. The more you score in prelims, the less the pressure on mains. In mains always try to focus on approach rather than only on final answer. IES has step marking and hence it focusses much more on your approach and less on final answer. Even if you don’t get the answer, if you show your approach, you will get marks and it is this collection of 5 marks or 6 marks that goes on to get you selected. (Little drops of water make an ocean.

This goes well both during preparation phase and examination phase of UPSC EXAMS.) In mains one can join made easy mains batch (I have heard a lot about it but I didn’t join it as I was in Allahabad) Or you can always go for previous years and solve them again and again. Remember if a conventional question comes, don’t do it wrong and don’t take much time on it.

Next comes the interview. Congratulations if you reach here. You are one among the handful now. This phase simply asks you to let you speak. So be frank. It’s not a problem to do mistakes or not answer a question but always be ready to accept that you don’t know and you are willing to learn. Don’t be arrogant or giving lot of lengthy answer by beating around the bush. Instead be to the point and answer as briefly and what is asked.

If you don’t know accept it immediately and frankly with a smile. (Trust me smiles are always beautiful and being cold-hearted never helps so smile but don’t start showing your teeth every now and then. There should be a balance. You are not appearing for a post of judge of COMEDY CIRCUS.) Be frank, be you and come out triumphant. Always remember each and every step is important in this Chakravyuh.

Often people give too much attention to mains but it is often that smallest germs make the mightiest impact. So give imp to all the parts and often interview and prelims help you consolidate your rank. Finally trust me guys, ESE is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and it’s not speed that matters but your willingness to reach the last and determination to tackle all odds.

I wish everyone of you success in your exams and a very best of luck to you guys.

Tighten your seat belts and go for it.

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