IIT BOMBAY placement: Microsoft offered 1.5 Crore package. UBER 1.02 Crore and many more details inside

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IIT BOMBAY: The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT BOMBAY) first phase of placement season concluded on 15th Dec which received record job offers. IIT Bombay managed to secure 1172 selections (Including the Pre-placement offer,PPOs) which is all time high. Students also received 156 International Job offers which is much higher than previous years.

The Highest International package that IIT Bombay received was of 1.16 Crores ( USD 1.64 Lakh) per annum While the highest Domestic package that Institute received was of 62.28 Lakh per annum. The average package that the batch of 2019-20 received was 20.34 Lakh per annum considering all the recruiting organisations.

As compared to previous years, 2019-20 batch observe a high rise in Job offers although the no. of firms visiting campus placement show downfall. In 2017, 1,023 offers were accepted out of 1,156, while last year a total of 1,122 offers were accepted out of 1,270. This year 1319 offers were made out of which 1172 offers were accepted.

The no. of companies visiting IIT B for campus placement was 265 which was 365 last year. So overall 100 companies backed out this year. A total of 156 International job offers were made to the deserving students from different countries like USA, Japan, UAE, Singapore, NetherLands, HongKong, Taiwan and South Korea.

The research and development sector, however, has come out as a winner this season with highest average compensation offered to students with Rs 27.42 lakh/annum. In the comparison of average CTC amounts, this was followed by Engineering and Technology with Rs 21.24 lakh/annum and IT/Software industry with Rs 21 lakh/annum. In this scale of average compensations offered, Analytics is at Rs 16.92 lakh/annum and Consulting at Rs 14.44 lakh/annum.

2 Public Sector Units (PSUs) visited campus for placement and made 9 job offers. IIT Bombay in an official statement said that The highest job offers were made by Engineering and technology sectors showing the proficiency of IIT B in technology. It added “This is an all-time high record for the number of students being placed during Phase-I of Placements at IIT Bombay. We are expecting some more offers in the coming days”.

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