NIT Kurukshetra invents Low-cost ventilator costing just 3500 for artificial breathing

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The whole world is struggling with the corona virus epidemic. In such a situation, Prof. Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department of National Institute of Technology NIT Kurukshetra. Lalit Mohan Saini has designed a ventilator at a cost of Rs. 3500. Pro. Saini said that due to corona, ventilator is the most essential for patients admitted to the hospital, but the cost of ventilator is very high.

On April 4, Prof Lalit Mohan Saini, HOD EE at NIT Kurukshetra, released a video of this prototype on his Youtube channel and shared his email and mobile and asked the industrialists worldwide to contact him and start manufacturing the ventilator on no profits no loss basis for serving humanity and providing the same to the hospitals.

Because of this their availability is less. In such a situation, DRDO has also started making ventilators on priority basis. Pro. Saini told that he has prepared this ventilator together with one of his students and a doctor. At the same time, he has also applied for its patent. Pro. LM Saini said that he wants an industry to come forward to make this cheap ventilator and help the corona victims by making it available in hospitals at cost price.

Useful in providing ventilators. Pro. LM Saini said that this ventilator costing Rs 3500 is very helpful in providing ventilators to patients. He said that this ventilator can also be run directly on AC. It runs with an automatic system, whose volume doctors can do even less and more according to the age of the patient. This ventilator will last for some time on a seven AH battery even when AC is turned off. Pro.

Saini told that it has taken him three months to make this ventilator. He said that the main function of ventilator is to provide artificial breath to the patient. This is how the ventilator works. Pro. LM Saini said that the crank shift mechanism puts pressure on the embu bag. After this, the ventilators coming out of the embu bag are delivered to the patient through the drain.

Whole world is facing one of the worst pandemic in the for of Corona Virus which has affected 4800+ people in India and over 13 Lakh people globally. Most nation is also facing several issue with the shortage of various equipment and at this time the invention by NIT Kurukshetra professor can be a big help for whole nation.

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  • April 7, 2020 at 7:54 am

    A ventilator is much more complex than that. It is not viable for use in hospitals and will not be able to save lives. It will cause more harm than good. Please refer to this video

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