NIT-Hamirpur hostels to turn into isolation wards to house COVID-19 patients. Dean (FW) responds:

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The Himachal Pradesh government has started taking over various buildings in the state for creating isolation wards to quarantine suspected novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, officials said.

In Hamirpur, the district administration on Wednesday took over all the 10 hostels comprising 2,000 rooms of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) for creating an isolation centre to quarantine suspected COVID-19 patients.

Nearly 2,000 suspected patients may be kept in NIT-Hamirpur.

A number of residents have returned to their homes in Hamirpur from abroad recently. Around 220 such people who have been identified along with those with whom they came in contact may be kept in the makeshift isolation wards, the officials said.

The authorities have also decided to take over control of all rest houses and government buildings for converting them into isolation wards to meet any eventuality.

Dr. Sunil Dean (FW) NIT Hamirpur in response said :
A news is going on in media which says that NIT Hamirpur’s hostel have been undertaken by the district administration. Please convey this message to students that this has been done just as a precautionary measure. No patient will be shifted to the hostels unless the need arises. Generally, In such a case first, the hospital facilities are used, them after that, If it is required, patients are shifted to hostels.

Today, There is not even a single case in the district. Reaching to a situation when we have to shift the patients to hostels will require atlease 500-700 cases (in the district alone). We know We arenot going to get to that situation. Just hope for the best and stay safe.

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